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rainman-and-mr-chicken-lips-3-of-3 rainman-and-mr-chicken-lips-3-of-3

This wooden focal bead paired with watery blue-green shells is like an offering to the Rain Gods. The added bonus here is that our pet hermit crab, Mr.Chicken Lips, is getting a little air time on the web. I couldn’t resist pairing him with this necklace. This is perfect beach wear or summer party accessory. This will be for sale soon!

seeds-of-the-jungle-1-of-2 seeds-of-the-jungle-2-of-2

Turquoise  and amber glass beads with dark seeds lining the sides of the necklace. Tedious and time consuming to string but the look is well worth it. Part of my personal collection.

sea-barrel-1-of-2 sea-barrel-1-of-2

I used to live in Connecticut when my first-born was little. I remember my husband and I taking him down to a waterfront town, Norwalk, to visit a nautical museum. We spent some time window shopping the cute little village style streets in the misty overcast of that day. The unexpected treat was a bead shop on the corner. As I was walking out the door of the shop I noticed a barrel full of beads. A buck per scoop. Of course, I was picky and picked out my scoop. When I reached in I pulled out this lovely faux patina piece and got inspired right away.

The result…a double strand necklace with greens and browns all leading down to my sea barrel piece. Some of the beads are hand rolled paper (I literally had blisters rolling them) in a pale sea green. There are also wood, glass, seed, turquoise and pearl beads. Part of my personal collection.

the-tribe-has-spoken-1-of-2 the-tribe-has-spoken-2-of-2

I bought the focal beads more than a decade ago and drummed up this little ditty. It just bams up a plain outfit and gives some ethnic juice to the flow of the day.  Bone, Horn and Wood beads are prominent on this jungle inspired necklace. With its earthy feel and colors you fit right into the nearest tribe.  Part of my personal collection.

turquoise-tears-1-of-3 turquoise-tears-1-of-3

Turquoise center piece flanked by streaming turquoise tears on either side makes quite a statement on your neck. The green Turquoise is offset by the alternating  Tiger Skin  Jasper rectangles and turquoise coin shaped beads  leading up the sides of the neck. Small additions of copper tubes and wooden beads complete the global feel of this neck wear. Part of my personal collection.

wood-wrap-2-of-2 wood-wrap-2-of-2

I love the natural look of  wood in jewelry. It always adds and earthy feel and goes with everything. This wrist wrap uses different sizes and shapes of wooden beads, not too chunky, not too small.