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Pea Green Lily Pads  3 Turquoise, copper wire, red stones, Swarovski crystals and a bit of glitter Polymer Clay handmade lily pads with Swarovski crystal set in the center. Accented with dangling turquoise stones and complimentary Czech glass in turquoise set above the lily pad. Deep red Czech crystals and glass bead accent play against the shades of greens and teals. Copper wire is wrapped in around and through these dangles and is then distressed and buffed. At the very bottom dangles a teeny little Swarovski crystal in Palace Green and rests against a little asian coin drop. See my Artfire Shop to see if it’s still for sale.


Water lilies are symbolic of strength and transformation in a person’s life where that person has come from out of a dark place in life and into the light just as the lily rises up from the mud and breaks through the surface of the water into the light. The lily pad itself captures sunlight and sustains the plant. Water is symbolic of the emotions.

Turquoise: (5th Chakra, throat area) This yummy gemstone is representative of wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion. Especially good for spiritual integration. All parts are valid and make up the whole. On your spiritual journey it is important to integrate and validate all aspects of the self, even the parts that are perceived as negative. This stone is great for self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.


nanas-beads-2-of-2 nanas-beads-1-of-2

A long necklace with great grandmother’s beads on it. Handmade with heirloom foil glass beads, antiqued metal, and brass dangles. I made this way back when I first started beading. I don’t frequently wear it but I love it because I used red and purple glass beads and little metal seed beads that belonged to my great-grandmother. I paired them with metal cones, chain and this funny little doo-dad thing in the center that probably came from a broken earring from somebody in the family. Funny thing, I should have taken a picture of the ancient beads since they are actually located higher up on the chain in the necklace. Next time I do a photo shoot I’ll re-shoot that one.

ring-of-fire-1-of-2 ring-of-fire-1-of-2

This old metal ring was found at a flea market and sat in a spare parts bin for years. Finally I added some metal drops, crystal with bead caps and glass beads. All together a great piece for wearing with a pair of boot cut jeans and a crisp white shirt or throw it on with ruffles and flowing skirt. Part of my personal collection.

secret-in-china-2-of-3 secret-in-china-2-of-3

I love, love, love this one. What a great combination of bone, coral and metal drops. The secret is the circular locket that stays closed via a magnet and opens to reveal a secret on either side of the inside of the door. I have yet to put one in there and my kids keep nagging me to put them in there. Ok already, as soon as I dig up those photos from the digital archives! Part of my personal collection.