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sea-basket-3-of-6 sea-basket-3-of-6

Cherry Quartz glass doughnut nestled in a basket of woven netted wire and crystals, beads and golden pearls. This basket design mimic’s Eni Oken’s design almost exactly. I was looking for inspiration one day and ready to try something new. When I saw her design I thought, hey, I have those materials, let’s see if I can do it. And here is the result. Made to look like torn sea netting on the back the netted basket. The rest of the necklace is purely my own design. I cannot sell this due to copyright issues, I did not come up with the design of the basket. However, I will work out something different enough to be able to sell an altered version of this idea. Wait and see. Part of my personal collection.

lilly-of-the-valley-4-of-4 lilly-of-the-valley-2-of-4

Beautiful Amethyst centerpiece adorned with silver mother of pearl and lilac freshwater pearls. Lots of gypsy dangles here to catch the light and delight the eyes. Matching earrings and bracelet. Part of my personal collection.

tobacco-and-shine-3-of-3 tobacco-and-shine-1-of-3

The abalone shell that dangles from the center is brilliantly colorful and picks up the silver-gray tones in the mother of pearl rectangles that dangle along the necklace strand.  Handmade beads of rolled paper in shades of old newspaper and stained tobacco paper alternate along the necklace length. Paper beads are actually from paper I purchased at a fine art store, not used for tobacco. I hand rolled them myself.

blue-chalcedony-red-coral-with-gold-tone-metal-drops-4-of-5 blue-chalcedony-red-coral-with-gold-tone-metal-drops-3-of-5

A large chunk of Chalcedony hangs in the center of this Asian inspired necklace. Red coral wrapped in brass adorned with golden freshwater pearls and gold toned brass teardrops relax next to aragonite chips and blue lace agate spheres.

For more information on the metaphysical meaning behind stones visit Gemstone Properties.

sea-barrel-1-of-2 sea-barrel-1-of-2

I used to live in Connecticut when my first-born was little. I remember my husband and I taking him down to a waterfront town, Norwalk, to visit a nautical museum. We spent some time window shopping the cute little village style streets in the misty overcast of that day. The unexpected treat was a bead shop on the corner. As I was walking out the door of the shop I noticed a barrel full of beads. A buck per scoop. Of course, I was picky and picked out my scoop. When I reached in I pulled out this lovely faux patina piece and got inspired right away.

The result…a double strand necklace with greens and browns all leading down to my sea barrel piece. Some of the beads are hand rolled paper (I literally had blisters rolling them) in a pale sea green. There are also wood, glass, seed, turquoise and pearl beads. Part of my personal collection.

wots-of-wuv-1-of-3 wots-of-wuv-1-of-3

This necklace was created using polymer clay for the three main doughnut designs. The doughnuts were stained and then sealed before stringing onto the necklace. Made with cherry quartz glass and three poly clay centerpieces this necklace is soft and sweet in appeal. Romantic soft pinks pair with gutsy tiger-striped glass beads with amber hues giving it a bit of bite. Maybe just a nibble. The other beads used were pink mother of pearl, glass chips, wood discs and delicate pink crystals. Part of my personal collection.