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Today over at Love My Art Jewelry there is an artisan jewelry blog hop where designers make something in honor of the late (but always ahead of his time) David Bowie. I chose my inspiration based on the fantastic Jim Henson movie Labyrinth, in which Bowie stars as the Goblin King, reining over this huge crazy ass maze. The maze of illusion that Jennifer Connelly’s character, Sarah, must navigate in order to bring herself and her baby brother home safely, and ultimately pass through childhood into a more young adult version of herself and her own power in her world. Throw in a few goblins, some deep, dark mystery and some fantastic outfits and hair. Bowie, the ever original artist who created and recreated himself was never short on style and this movie was no exception.

I started with a necklace and as I went, a pair of earrings morphed into existence as well. (Follows the magic of the movie theme, I suppose.)

The main feature of the necklace is Opalite glass which represents the magical crystal balls of illusion Bowie’s character, Jareth, used to tempt Sarah in the movie plot.

I knew I just had to pay homage to that fantastic mullet of his… that hair just slays me. Full of awesome. So, hair it is. (Not mine, from a horse.)

The earrings feature sterling silver ear wires with patina… wisdom comes with age. lol. And some handmade polymer ‘faux yak bone’ beads which represent the instinctual nature within all of us. Blood red cherry Czech beads below open brass flowers, crystals that reflect light, and of course, that wild hair again.

The necklace wrap itself is made of banana silk… no, not an homage to Jareth’s revealing lycra pants, but instead, Sarah’s dress. Her extravagant beaded, white dress whispers of innocence, fairy-tales and the opportunity to enter into mature feminine power. And lastly, the red flowering blossoms symbolize the shift from childhood into womanhood. This is eluded to in the movie in many ways, although not tackled directly. This quote from an article over at Natural Shaman by Cat Stone sums up the underlying message.

“Women do not learn magic, women are magic.  It is nature, it is our birthright, and we should be forever thankful for the opportunities our menstrual cycles bring us.  Women are Natural Shamans, they just need to understand and use the power they hold within.”

This inner power, something that Jareth deceptively assists Sarah in discovering as she navigates the differences between the illusion of power and the power of illusion. By the end of the movie, Sarah chooses to marry her own intellect with her intuition (symbolized on the necklace by the red scarab holding power in the third eye) as she steps into a larger version of herself. In true Bowie style, his character then changes form into a beautiful white barn owl and watches Sarah from a distance, invited back into her world only upon her choosing. I love the significance of Barn Owl as it has been known for bringing what is in shadow out into the light. Tapping silently into hidden wisdom under the feminine influence of the moon.

And since I just completed a recent drawing of a Barn Owl under a blood moon, I will add that here too. I really had no link between this post and that drawing, but it does seem to fit perfectly doesn’t it?


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sea-urchin-1-of-3 sea-urchin-1-of-3

I love how organically natural this one feels. Made with polymer clay and a molding process (no, not like cheese). I finished the piece with stains to deepen the look of the crevices and added sparkle through beads pressed into the clay. The bail is poly clay as well. The beads going up the sides of the necklace are mother of pearl, crystal and glass. This one makes a statement for sure. Think, Sea Gypsy.

secret-in-china-2-of-3 secret-in-china-2-of-3

I love, love, love this one. What a great combination of bone, coral and metal drops. The secret is the circular locket that stays closed via a magnet and opens to reveal a secret on either side of the inside of the door. I have yet to put one in there and my kids keep nagging me to put them in there. Ok already, as soon as I dig up those photos from the digital archives! Part of my personal collection.

romancing-the-garnet-1-of-2 romancing-the-garnet-1-of-2

This necklace offers a center piece of garnet set in sterling silver with tiny marcasite decorations on its delicate teardrop shape. In addition, romantic citrine hearts, silver bead caps and lava beads give wonderful contrast texturally and visually. Freshwater pearls run all the way up to the clasp. Part of my personal collection.

water-fire-2-of-3 water-fire-3-of-3

Created with a dyed orange shell center piece, this little number pairs well with stylish work clothes or white linen for a day at the beach. Shell, stone and glass beads run up the sides of the necklace, finally giving way to simple round honey colored wood beads. Part of my personal collection.