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3884 3878 Gemstones and crystals have been used since ancient times from communities in Maya, the Incan Empire, Tibet and many others. From ancient “seeing” stones to modern-day solar panels and computers that are able to store and expel energy; crystals have played a profound role in human evolution. Each has its own unique use as a metaphysical

“One of the most surprising aspects of the crystal world is its pervasiveness. All solid matter is made up of atomic particles  arranged in some definite organized crystalline structure., called a ‘lattice’. The crystal lattice structure, especially as it is found in minerals such as electromagnetic energies that move through it. This is why silicon chips are used to provide memory in computers. It is also the reason Quartz crystals can be incorporated into watches and clocks to provide highly accurate measurements of time.” ~Robert Simmons The Book of Stones (Who They Are & What They Teach) Here are some links to pages I’m currently working on:

Agate Amazonite Amber Amethyst Apatite Aragonite Chalcedony Emerald Jade Jasper ~Bloodstone ~Mook ~Ocean ~Rainforest ~Tiger Skin Labradorite Moldavite ~Tektite Opal Onyx Pearl Peridot Quartz ~Rutilated Quartz ~Smokey Quartz Rhodocrosite Rhodonite Serpentine Tiger Eye Tourmaline

pink-tigress-2-of-2 pink-tigress-2-of-2

Great for a day where you have a little wild animal inside that just needs to come out. A petrified wood centerpiece paired with two tiger-striped glass beads and small semi-precious jade stones in pink. The clasp is hand-made by me from copper wire and has a rose quartz stone dangling from it to add weight to the bracelet for proper sitting on the wrist. Part of my personal collection.