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I don’t often get requests for clip-on earrings. However, when I do.. I find that a little alteration is necessary. I try on the clips myself to see how they feel and I just don’t like them. They pinch and are painful. I think, gosh, how awful that my customers would have to wear my pretty earrings and feel discomfort like this. So, I got out my leather punch and scissors and made some custom clip-ons with suede lining the inside. I wore them for a while on a test pair and boy, oh boy.. they are more comfortable than regular earrings to me. I don’t wear earrings all that often but I have to say that the clip-ons with suede are something I could wear for hours and hours and still feel really good.

In this photo I show the before and after in progress on a pair of Lily earrings.

Lavender and Crystal Teardrop Necklace

So, I met this amazing gal. She requested a custom order for her birthday. Oh, what an honor these types of orders are for me to do! She and I have a lot in common except…she challenged me to use colors I had never thought to use. I LIKED this a LOT. Through our back and forth communications on designing for her we have become close friends. She lives in Germany so our communication has been rich via Facebook. How fun! So, when I really wanted to get down to business I sent her over to Design to pick out her colors. She picked me some pretty pinks, blues and greens. The soft cool tones were not my usual palette and I found them so fun to work with!

Sooo….that translated into this…

The original necklace she saw when I listed it and knew it was for her…

Lavender and Crystal Teardrop Necklace

Lavender and Crystal Teardrop Necklace

We co-created the earrings and extra necklace wraps using the color palettes mentioned earlier.


 Happy Birthday to my dear friend An Ja Lu who is a jewelry designer now too! Check out her shop here

Penny From Heaven Bracelet

I confess. I have been a little down about the jewelry business over the past year. There’s been some health struggles and the struggle for more time since I am also a stay at home mom with young kids…but partly, a lot of time sitting at the desk and not enough time moving, meeting people, getting outside.

Recently, I struck up a conversation with the produce dude, Henry,  at the store I go to every week. It’s kind of the one time I get to dress up as the REAL ME and get out in the world. I see it as an adventure. Woe, grocery shopping IS an adventure.

Henry told me an awesome story about his wife and how before her mother died she always told her “Someday you’ll get pennies from heaven”. She collects them when she finds them and thinks of her Mom. Henry had seen a bracelet with a small, fake penny on it but didn’t buy it for her because it just wasn’t right. He asked if I could make him a bracelet for her. We agreed on a price and even though it was a bit less than I’d normally charge, the sentimental story and my understanding about hard times got the better of me. I was juiced again!

I came home and got to work right away. This time I skipped the sketch book. I knew exactly what I was going to do. It came out exactly how I had pictured it. 3 strands of copper chain, handmade adjustable clasp, boho style, and little chips of amber and sunstone for healing and sunny disposition.

I discovered that pennies from 1982 or later are made of zinc and melt with heat. I found an older penny and gave it a patina, buffed Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial to a high shine with specialty jewelery sanding paper and then buffed it to a high shine with a rouge cloth. I had thought of basket weaving around the penny so I got to work making a frame and then with hair thin wire I wove and wove and wove. I did a final round with small apricot aurora borealis seed beads  around the edges and some little copper balls for a whimsical feel.

Finally, I had the synchronous sign I needed to kick me in the rear and get me moving again. I had been feeling like my website and my jewelry is just LOST amongst all of the other artists on Etsy and Artfire. I make sales through meeting people but so far have not been discovered online. I got what I needed to renew my fire for what I’m working so hard on this website for. Since completing the Penny Bracelet I dug in and made some matching earrings, revamped some of my web pages and got out the photography equipment and started photographing items that have been needing to get listed for some time now. I completed 7 of 8 bracelets that needed finishing clasps and got a few more pairs of earrings done. I have another custom order in the works too, but this one is a gift for my Mom’s 60th birthday coming up….will post on that this weekend.

Here’s the photos from the penny order…



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