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made-of-stone-1-of-4 made-of-stone-1-of-4

A large Amazonite stone wrapped in copper and flanked by quartz, smokey quartz and dyed orange freshwater pearls. The chandelier earrings are made with copper and pearls.

To learn more about the healing aspects of these stones see Healing Gemstone Properties.

sea-basket-3-of-6 sea-basket-3-of-6

Cherry Quartz glass doughnut nestled in a basket of woven netted wire and crystals, beads and golden pearls. This basket design mimic’s Eni Oken’s design almost exactly. I was looking for inspiration one day and ready to try something new. When I saw her design I thought, hey, I have those materials, let’s see if I can do it. And here is the result. Made to look like torn sea netting on the back the netted basket. The rest of the necklace is purely my own design. I cannot sell this due to copyright issues, I did not come up with the design of the basket. However, I will work out something different enough to be able to sell an altered version of this idea. Wait and see. Part of my personal collection.

romance-with-rhodonite-1-of-5 romance-with-rhodonite-4-of-5

A hand picked Rhodonite stone is cradled in a hand netted wire basket and framed with heavy gauge copper wire and Swarovski crystals. The sides of the necklace are decorated with smooth lava rock, crystals, glass beads and copper bead caps and chain.

taupe-shell-flower-with-crystal-2-of-2 taupe-shell-flower-with-crystal-2-of-2

A delicate shell dangles from the center of this necklace. Adorning the sides are crystals, shell, freshwater pearl and champagne colored glass chips and copper tubes with beads dangling from them.

vested-in-copper-1-of-3 vested-in-copper-3-of-3

Technically not a “wire wrapped” piece but with the use of wire and metal I thought it would be an interesting addition to the wire wrapped gallery. I love this bead I hand-picked from a great little place called The Bead Shoppe in Roseville,CA. A large Rhodonite pendant vested in two stamped copper filigree wraps. Sunstone chips and crystal adorn the necklace as it moves up the neckline in shades of mauve and copper. Part of my personal collection.

nanas-beads-2-of-2 nanas-beads-1-of-2

A long necklace with great grandmother’s beads on it. Handmade with heirloom foil glass beads, antiqued metal, and brass dangles. I made this way back when I first started beading. I don’t frequently wear it but I love it because I used red and purple glass beads and little metal seed beads that belonged to my great-grandmother. I paired them with metal cones, chain and this funny little doo-dad thing in the center that probably came from a broken earring from somebody in the family. Funny thing, I should have taken a picture of the ancient beads since they are actually located higher up on the chain in the necklace. Next time I do a photo shoot I’ll re-shoot that one.