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Morning Mist

I’m not sure how I came across this challenge but since I love aged metal and find myself drooling over Vintaj at my local craft store I thought this would give me an excuse to print out a coupon and get familiar with some aged brass and copper. I headed over to their Pinterest page to nail down some inspiration. I found this photo.

Photo Source: via Vintaj on Pinterest


It spoke to me, the warm and inviting mist of early morning. The best time of the day for walks in nature and pulling inspiration from a fresh new start. This reminds me of being younger, and walking the dogs in the morning before school. We lived on a hill and when I would just get to the top I could see in the distance, through the morning fog the houses on other hills far off in the distance, shrouded in their own morning mist. I would stand there with my wet hair turning to icicles, just staring while the dogs wanted to break my moment by pulling me down the other side of the hill. The hills of Sonoma County still call me back to witness this kind of majestic silence as they stand tall in the morning mist.

I used an amber hued ammolite for the center of the Vintaj necklace and adhered it with tinted resin. Vintaj natural brass wire became the base for the structure that holds the other brass elements together. Magnolia bead caps hug the tips of rutilated quartz drops and textured guitar picks in brass became petals for yellow chalcedony briolettes. To add a bit of detail I used a nail head rivet and domed the flat rivet decoration that came in the pack with nail heads. All the shades of these beads and the brass mirror the misty mornings on the mountaintop and the shadowy outlines of the trees in the distance.

Here’s the gallery…




I’m so tired right now.

Last night was the last night for entering the Cool Tools Antique Mold contest. Use a mold in a jewelry design and win $500, $200 or $100 to spend in their store. I would go for some metal clay, textures and templates. It would be so fun to put some of my designs into metal.

I’ve been working on some pieces for this contest on and off for a few weeks now. I entered at 11:15pm last night. Talk about hitting a deadline!

Everything sort of went all wonky at the last minute. All of my photos looked like they came out of comic books for some reason so I had to tape a paper towel over my really bright desk lamp and take some new photos. At night, in the worst lighting. In the middle of it my youngest was crying and I had to go lay with him and tickle his back until he fell asleep. All the while I had a head cold and was exhausted. → Continue Reading