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My sparkly friend Mary inherited some fabulous fibers, metallic threads, silks, and embroidery flosses among other things and she offered to share them with me. How could I refuse? I had to make her something…something “her”. At first it was going to be earrings but that didn’t honor the origination point. See, these fibers were inherited from a special lady (her sister in law) in the family whom had passed. Earrings would not do, not alone. So I decided on a cuff that could incorporate some of the fibers to honor the one whom had owned them, have her presence in the piece as well. Let the creative process begin…



Here is the letter that came with the bracelet…. The earrings were made similarly by hand cutting copper sheet metal, heating with a torch to soften (annealing) and then hammering, polishing and layering with molded polymer clay that was was hand painted and sealed.


lilly-of-the-valley-4-of-4 lilly-of-the-valley-2-of-4

Beautiful Amethyst centerpiece adorned with silver mother of pearl and lilac freshwater pearls. Lots of gypsy dangles here to catch the light and delight the eyes. Matching earrings and bracelet. Part of my personal collection.

blue-chalcedony-red-coral-with-gold-tone-metal-drops-4-of-5 blue-chalcedony-red-coral-with-gold-tone-metal-drops-3-of-5

A large chunk of Chalcedony hangs in the center of this Asian inspired necklace. Red coral wrapped in brass adorned with golden freshwater pearls and gold toned brass teardrops relax next to aragonite chips and blue lace agate spheres.

For more information on the metaphysical meaning behind stones visit Gemstone Properties.

my-moldavite-wrist-wrap-1-of-1 my-moldavite-wrist-wrap-1-of-1

I almost never take off my favorite wrist wrap. It is made up of a conglomeration of different beads that all have a metaphysical purpose. The main center bead is moldavite, a tektite which is said to have come from a meteor that crash landed in Czechoslovakia around 15 million years ago. The stone is known for raising spiritual as well as psychological and physiological awareness in people. Also included in this bracelet are green opal, labradorite, rhyolite and apatite. Each stone has its own metaphysical properties. Part of my personal collection.

Click here to learn more about Gemstone Properties.

pink-tigress-2-of-2 pink-tigress-2-of-2

Great for a day where you have a little wild animal inside that just needs to come out. A petrified wood centerpiece paired with two tiger-striped glass beads and small semi-precious jade stones in pink. The clasp is hand-made by me from copper wire and has a rose quartz stone dangling from it to add weight to the bracelet for proper sitting on the wrist. Part of my personal collection.

wood-wrap-2-of-2 wood-wrap-2-of-2

I love the natural look of  wood in jewelry. It always adds and earthy feel and goes with everything. This wrist wrap uses different sizes and shapes of wooden beads, not too chunky, not too small.