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I’m participating in the 7th Annual Bead Soup Swap and I’m so excited. Working in the studio while the kids are at school is such fun and I really enjoy the one day per week I get out and meet people when I go grocery shopping but sometimes I long for connection with those that have the same interests. So, while this is still in my studio alone, the reveal will be really fun because we’ll all be looking at eachother’s work at the same time, making comments, etc. I plan on carving out a bit of time to just go to other people’s websites and be a part of this international swap through the DSL lines.

It excites me to think that beads that somebody else chose at some time, held, treasured are coming to me and mine will be coming to them and then we can create something totally new and different yet, to the other person, those beads will still hold a piece of them in the artwork too. Pretty cool co-creating.

I think it’s a good representation of the postitive aspects of living on this Earth as human. We are ALL connected, we leave a piece of ourselves behind as we go to the grocery store, exchange money, smiles, a pat on the back as we pass by a co-worker, a child…and that energy carries on in that person, in those things we handle in some way. We are all adding to the collective pot. This is what excites me the most about being a part of Bead Soup.

So, thank you SO MUCH to Lori from for making it all happen.


made-of-stone-1-of-4 made-of-stone-1-of-4

A large Amazonite stone wrapped in copper and flanked by quartz, smokey quartz and dyed orange freshwater pearls. The chandelier earrings are made with copper and pearls.

To learn more about the healing aspects of these stones see Healing Gemstone Properties.

rainman-and-mr-chicken-lips-3-of-3 rainman-and-mr-chicken-lips-3-of-3

This wooden focal bead paired with watery blue-green shells is like an offering to the Rain Gods. The added bonus here is that our pet hermit crab, Mr.Chicken Lips, is getting a little air time on the web. I couldn’t resist pairing him with this necklace. This is perfect beach wear or summer party accessory. This will be for sale soon!

sea-spikes-1-of-2 sea-spikes-2-of-2

These spikes originally from a sea urchin were found years ago at a little bead store in Santa Rosa, CA where I grew up. This was one of the first simple necklaces I made using seed beads and spikes. Part of my personal collection.

sea-basket-3-of-6 sea-basket-3-of-6

Cherry Quartz glass doughnut nestled in a basket of woven netted wire and crystals, beads and golden pearls. This basket design mimic’s Eni Oken’s design almost exactly. I was looking for inspiration one day and ready to try something new. When I saw her design I thought, hey, I have those materials, let’s see if I can do it. And here is the result. Made to look like torn sea netting on the back the netted basket. The rest of the necklace is purely my own design. I cannot sell this due to copyright issues, I did not come up with the design of the basket. However, I will work out something different enough to be able to sell an altered version of this idea. Wait and see. Part of my personal collection.

lilly-of-the-valley-4-of-4 lilly-of-the-valley-2-of-4

Beautiful Amethyst centerpiece adorned with silver mother of pearl and lilac freshwater pearls. Lots of gypsy dangles here to catch the light and delight the eyes. Matching earrings and bracelet. Part of my personal collection.