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Hellooooo Thar! So glad you could stop in! Let’s get right to it!

My Bead Soup Buddy is Staci Louise from Staci Louise Originals. Not only is she an awesome jewelry artist she is a very sweet person and I liked her as soon as I “met” her. Here is the awesome bead soup she sent me!

I didn’t get to use all of the beads but I tried to. Here is the first necklace with the focal and one of the two awesome clasps.

I hammered copper sheet into a puffed sunrise shape and then added a bit of color to the metal to give Staci’s eye a backdrop. Also in this necklace are the chunky copper beads, purple pearls, pale aqua beads, chain and clasp that Staci sent. I drilled a real little ammonite as an ode to Staci (she uses them in her work a lot) and placed it in the center of the side of the necklace. The sides pieces are made of polymer clay with MANY layers of paints and Swarovski crystals and then layered on heat patina and textured copper sheet.

The second necklace features her sweet little agate drop, some awesome sea glass that Staci hand drilled and her gorgeous clasp. I nestled the agate in translucent stamped polymer with a dusky purple center and attatched that to a larger copper flower with a heat patina.

The final necklace uses a very cool copper chunky bead and the best long peachy pearl I’ve ever seen. It begged to be on center stage. I added the sea spikes she sent for the sides.

Finally, I wanted to challenge myself to use some of the black and white beads which I loved but found hard to figure out HOW to use them. I was determined. I finally realized I could not figure out how to put them in a necklace but they were perfect for earrings. So, here’s the first. Fluted lilies with surface embellishment and genuine emerald and turquoise with the black and white faceted balls.

And the second…purple flowers with zombie shells. I loved these so much that I tracked down some of these Pyrene shells and ordered them. I will be making more earrings for sale in the shop using these!

I had so much fun and learned so much about my limits and how to push them a bit. A HUGE thanks to Lori Anderson at Pretty Things/Bead Soup for organizing this whole she-bang. It’s fantastic! You can click on her link to get back to the reveal list.

Have a hoppy day!

Just a quick line in case you came looking for Bead Soup Reveal and didn’t find it…I am in CA and I’m waking up at 3:30 to finish editing the photos for the blog post. Talk about last minute!!!

I spent all day with my tween and younger on Easter vacation….IN MY STUDIO WITH ME. And then we ran into teen issues…ugghhhh. Girls.

SO, it’s 8:30 pm, my husband is finally home, the kids are now upstairs and I’m going to go eat with my man. I finally have time alone and I’m exhausted. I’m trying to finish the blog post and the photo editing and it’s just not happening…yet.

I’m going to set the alarm to EARLY AS HELL and get it done for the east coasters to have coffee and blog hop. I do NOT want to disappoint my bead buddy!!! I love her and she is awesome and I’m doing this thing!

Okay. Going to grab a beer and some salad and see you when the stars are still out CA time AM…


Heellllooooo thar! To begin this story you will need to press play on the video below.

It’s a short story but it must have suspense music. It just must.

After working in my son’s 1st grade class, running my sick teenager around town and enjoying swollen sinuses I came home to a wonderful surprise in the mail from my Bead Buddy…Staci Louise who’s website is and her style is amazing and very original. I posted a little bit about this adventure in the previous post so if you haven’t read that you might want to go back and catch up a bit. We’ll wait here for you.

Tick toc. Okay, you’re back, great. On with it. Let the story begin.

There we were still sitting in the van in front of the mail box down the street from our house. My 13 year old was clutching the only package that came all the while he was smiling at me. I gave him the evil eye and was all, “Give it NOWwwwwww.” He was like, “Wait, can I open it?”. Hello CRAZY. NO. I know I get all the mail but that’s just bills and junk. He knew this was special. He knew it was from Stacie Louise.

The 6 year old was jumping up and down out of his seat, “Open it, open it!!!”. I had to take charge of these wild beasts of mine, “Wait you guys! Everybody calm down. We have to go inside and photograph the whole process, so sit down and let’s go get in the house and do this right.”

Everybody ran inside and threw their backpacks on the floor, ran around doing who knows what, yelling from the other room..”Don’t open it without me…”. Kids are so funny. I love that my family is enjoying this journey as much as I am. Okay so, are you ready? Have I given you enough suspense? Are you sure you’re ready?….okay, okay.

The Big Reveal

Inside this box is a secret. A secrety secret that’s so secret you’ll only see it here…

Unwrap the silky ribbon (which I will probably use in the necklace by the way…)

And we opened it further to uncover……….

Holy cow, I wasn’t expecting this much lusciousness. Were you? I know right?

Okay, want more? Let’s break it down.

I may not know all of the names of the beads here so pardon if I miss. Hold on, grabbing a sip of coffee okay? You should too. It adds to the suspense.

We have here…. Labradorite (love, love, love!), purple potato pearls, white longish pearls, KYANITE (how did you know I love that Staci?), a cool triangular wooden bead, three white beads with little black stars on them (very child of the moon-ish), two big pearly dark gray beads, some small teal beads that look like amazonite (best guess), some very cool sea glass (again, were you follwing me at Michael’s or something?), an oblong natural peach pearl, organic shaped copper discy things (awesome and reminds me of you), SEA SPIKES yowzah, 3 faceted black and white rondelles, very mod stripey shells, MaryAnn Carol’s Artisan Beads in ceramic (lovely handiwork Carol), a quartz teardrop so sweet and some very awesome big and small bronze chain. The very cool clasps ARE: a neat-O spiral that I believe is soldered and then given a patina (bless you O Brave one, for I have not soldered but once), another sprially thingy doo in black (very organic), a handmade spiral in bronze and a so so so cool handmade bronze star clasp. HAND MADE! BRONZE. I had to shout that because IT’s THAT COOL! Okay, breathe.

Now, before I get to the best part you are probably running out of suspenseful music and you can hear your housemates telling you about their boring day in the background. Well, we just need to drown that out for a minute. You just shout your head around the corner real quick and say “Yeah, I got it, uh huh..” a couple of times like you’re listening and I’ll go grab the music for the last photo off of YouTube. If you’re a speed reader go back up to the top and press pause on that suspense music, scroll back down and press play on this one below…

Here’s another organized shot to look at while the music intro plays. Oh this is so the best part. Goodie! Goodie!

All right Staci. *shaking finger at you. Are you the Oracle or something? This is the first thing I fell in love with on your site!

You ladies are like, really? I wish I could be her right now! I know! I’m so lucky!

This Eye pendant is awesome. This song is awesome and reminds me of memories of being a little girl in the car with my Dad. He would put on Alan Parson’s and we would listen to this song over and over on the way to school, on the way to pizza, on the way to the beach, on the way to ice cream. Pretty much we could just sit in the driveway and listen to them. Anyway, I’ll be listening while I make my Bead Soup challenge. Breaking out the Eye in the Sky album!

Special Thanks! goes to:

Staci Louise @

and the person who facilitated all of this wonderment…

Lori Anderson @