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EDIT:* Before I go on, I just wanted to say how much this Boot camp and other similar blog hops have come to mean to me. The people are amazing, my abilities are always tested and the community aspect is wonderbar. I recently did my second (and probably last) challenge for Vintaj at the same time I was preparing for this one and Bead Soup. Because of the overlap I was really given an opportunity to observe my internal process and compare. The challenge for the big company is great if you win “stuff” but I realized that since I am very good at making something out of nothing, I don’t really NEED more STUFF and when I do I somehow manage to get it. This led me to really appreciate the connection that happens when blog hopping. Every time I comment on a fellow artists blog I share a bit of my heart and every time my eyes are blessed with their creations it stimulates my creativity. As I was posting for these two very different types of challenges it became more clear to me where I want to put my creative energy and time and WHY. So, a big THANK YOU to all the ladies down at Love My Art Jewelry for making this Boot Camp happen because it became so much more than just banging on metal for me.  XOXO Hats off to you!

In my previous post I talked about the tools I made to texture metal with. Here’s where I show what I did with said tools for the Love My Art Jewelry Textured Metal Boot Camp. All month long LMAJ showed us different techniques for texturing metal in unconvential ways and ALL by hand. This opened my mind and has led to some new ideas for my shop. I decided to make some hair slides. Let’s go see what I made…

First, I took out some very heavy gauge copper wire my husband picked up for me eons ago. I cut, torched, and curved it into an “8” shape and flattened it a bit. I then took my handmade carpenter nail texture tools and textured different sizes of dots into the copper. I also cut a bit of copper tube and hammered and textured it into a bead cap using the same technique. So this…

Used these…

Around the inside of the center washer I used my fancy letter stamps turned upside down “A and Q”. They made a nice curly design.

The whole enchilada…

For the second texture challenge I started with a brass sheet and cut it into a winged shape. I used my doming block to make the domed circles on the bottom sides. I used the carpenter nails to make the dots on the upper wings and the lines on the inside of the copper washer.

I used the large green chisel that I ground into a nicer shape for the lines radiating out from the center like wrinkles in the wings. See these…

And for the fluted edges I used my round nose pliers to tweak the metal up and down like a pie tin.

I love these challenges because they cause me to think outside the box. EVERY time I end up creating somethign I NEVER would have created. I will be adding some similar items to the shop. For now, these hold up my heavy mop while I’m working.

So, a while ago I was very hungry for some metal texturing tools. I saw an article in a magazine about the art of Repousse and thought they’d be perfect for raising areas of my metalwork, etc. Not only that, they were just so beautiful. After searching around, even Ebay, I realized this was not going to fit into my budget.

And then…inspiration struck! Harbor Freight Tools! I ran down there and grabbed a couple of cheap sets of chisels and taps. My husband cut some in half for me with his big dude tools and I (put on my dust mask) and got to grinding. First I ground them with the stone grinding wheel and then buffed them out with a scrubby wheel. Totally non-technical names for the wheels I’m sure but you get the idea.

In the photo below you can see the before set in the background (I keep them that way) and the after set in the foreground. Here’s before.

Here’s the tools after I altered them.

I found that I actually use the small ones the most. I don’t really LOVE all of them yet and haven’t taken them back out to the grinder to work on them some more but it’s planned for this summer. I have to replace the scrubby wheel that I wore down to nothin’ first.

My favorite and most used of all of the mock tools are some capenter nails that I ground into different shapes. I do such small scale work most of the time and I haven’t figured out the technique or purpose for some of the larger “shapes” that I made. However, I am inspired by Art Jewelry Boot Camp’s  challenge this month on texturing metal. I finally put to use a couple of my big chisels and some of these altered nails…


Altered Nails

These made some awesome texture on the jewelry I was inspired to make (and will be adding to my shop soon, thanks, AJBC!) Stay tuned, I’ll post the results on Monday!