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Vitrail Faceted Heart Necklace

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A large rainbow glass Xilion cut heart is wrapped in an organic freeform way with loads of flowing copper wire that twists and turns its way around the heart. Perfect for those days you need a pick me up or if you are wanting to feel heart centered and project heart chakra opening as you go about your day. Entangled in the sea knots are Czech glass beads, peridot and small faceted crystals. Hair thin wire is wrapped around and around each tendril giving strength and design elements to the pendant.

The neckalce wrap is made of leather that has been textured, painted a turquoise shade of patina and then sealed. Leather is paired with coffee sari ribbon upcycled from the cutting rooms of India and a hand dyed silk ribbon in emerald. All three strands are combined and secured at the ends with rounds of coordinating embroidery floss and then decoratively secured with spiraling copper that has been formed and hammered into place.

This necklace is made to be worn with interchangeable necklace wraps. The pendant hangs from two handmade S hooks for attaching the desired color/style of neckwrap. This necklace comes with one neckwrap of your choice. For more styles and colors, neckwraps can be purchased seperately for $15 each.


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