Imperfect and Light Hearted

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Product Description

This necklace is a handmade mini work of art. As with all art there are sometimes imperfections. I am giving a 20% discount on this one since the centerpiece in clay is set slightly crooked. My mistake is your benefit. I could have straightened it but it would have meant taking the entire piece apart after spending long amounts of time measuring, heating, bending and weaving wires on the back side of the shield. It’s not terribly noticeable but not up to my own standards.

How It’s Made:

Clay is hand blended and pressed into a mold. Then the clay is removed and carefully shaped before small Swarovski crystals are placed strategically around the design in a balanced way. After curing the clay gold tones were added to highlight the design as well as covering small areas of detail with a special jeweler’s grade resin which adds eye catching depth and shine. As a backdrop for the clay, copper sheet metal was hand cut in a beautiful shield shape and annealed (heated with a torch to soften the metal) and then patterned with a hammer to create an organic feel to the design. The shield shape was then turned over and raised in some areas to frame the clay centerpiece. The metal shield goes through a process of tumbling, hand painting, patina, burnishing and then polishing.

After working the metal just right, the clay centerpiece was then drilled through and lined up with the copper back plate that was fluted. Each fluting was carefully done by using small hand tools to give the clay design a special framed backdrop. The edges of the copper shield was then given an extra touch of patina and burnished back to reveal the highlights in the metal. Special high grade wax sealant was applied to the metal so that it will remain shiny in the highlighted areas without tarnishing too quickly. The back of the necklace was designed to be pleasing to the eyes with swirling designs that hold the pieces in place decoratively. A combination copper link necklace wrap was created to give simplicity and style to this special piece. A heart shaped Swarovski crystal in Vitrail catches the light at your heart level and reflects your radiance back out to the world around you.

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