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Garden Quartz Necklace


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Product Description

A large Garden Quartz (Lodolite) pendant is the center of this necklace. Decorated in Czech glass beads in shades of plums, bronze and amber the quartz piece meazures 2″ long by 1.25″ wide at it’s widest point. The wire wrapping is done in non-tarnish antitqued copper and non-tarnish sterling silver plated wires. There are two “hooks” at the top of the pendant that connect to interchangeable necklace wraps. The necklace wrap that comes with this pendant is made of upcycled sari ribbon in shades of bronze and hand dyed mustard. The sari ribbon is trimmed and freshly pressed before finishing off the ends securely with embroidery strands in complimentary colors. Finishing touches are made of copper wire spiraling around the ends for a touch of visual interest and security to the ends of the necklace wrap.

The necklace measures 18.5″ including the length of the hooks.

Lodolite Metaphysical meaning:

Lodolite is a type of quartz crystal with inclusions of many possible colors and types, often having the look of gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes. Thus, Lodolite is often called garden quartz, landscape quartz, or scenic quartz. Mystically and in crystal healing, lodolite is purported to be an excellent healing stone bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur. Lodolite is associated primarily with the crown chakra.It’s often used in meditation practices. Another metaphysical use of lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires. Lodolite is also said to enhance communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one’s spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives. Lodolite is said to bring loving energies and energies of gentle strength.



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