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Amazonite Talisman Necklace


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This triangular shaped chunk of Amazonite was found at a little bead shop up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California and I hung onto it for quite some time. I finally took out some wire and gave it a decorative design. The pendant is separate from the necklace wrap so that other styles and colors of chain, ribbon or leather may be substituted. The necklace wrap is made with three strands of ribbon. The mulberry strand is hand dyed sari ribbon upcycled from the cutting rooms of India. The two smaller ribbons are blue upcycled sari and black teeny satin ribbon. Ribbons are hand ironed before being assembled.  All ribbons are bundled together with cording to be secured and glued into place and then copper wire is hammered and wrapped around the ends to complete the wrap.

Adjustable 16-17.5″. There are three small brass rings on either side of the ribbon necklace wrap that this piece was made with. To adjust, simply put the pendant hooks through a higher ring and let the lower rings dangle down boho style. Brass jingle bell actually jingles.

OPTION: You may purchase additional necklace wraps, chain or extensions with your order or at a later date. All items pictured are exactly what you will recieve. Any additional wraps are custom and not premade so please allow extra time for the creation of your special extras.


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