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Happy Birthday to you! This is a special listing reserved for my best friend. Unless you feel like buying the necklace for her don’t bother paying for this listing…it won’t make it to your house.

The first necklace is a custom order with intense amounts of mini Swarovski crystals that were hand set into the special blend of clays that were made just for this necklace. After curing the clay gold tones were added to highlight the design as well as small areas of detail were covered with a special jeweler’s grade resin which adds eye catching depth and shine. As a backdrop for the clay, red brass was annealed (heated with a torch to soften the metal) and then patterned with a snake skin pattern.  The clay centerpiece was then drilled through and lined up with the brass back plate that was hand cut and then fluted. Each fluting was carefully done by using small hand tools to give the clay design a special framed backdrop. The brass was then given a patina and burnished back to reveal the highlights in the metal. Special jewler’s sealant was applied to the metal so that it will remain shiny in the highlighted areas without tarnishing. The back of the necklace was designed to be pleasing to the eyes with mixed metals made of non-tarnish plated Sterling Silver wire and mixtures of copper and golden red brass. A combination necklace wrap was created to give simplicity and style to this special piece. Special necklace wrap extensions were made by twisting and hammering metal into organic shapes that compliment the necklace style. All necklace wraps are interchangeable.

The second necklace is a one of a kind piece that was made in a similar fashion as the one above. A special red magma Swarovski crystal was ordered just for this necklace so to represent the wearer’s birthstone, ruby. Clay was modeled into an ammonite fashion with the perfect amount of space allowed for the crystal to rest in the center. The piece was cured and hand painted in layers before sealing. A backdrop of textured red brass was hand cut and fluted before being given a patina, burnishing and a layer of sealant. The necklace wraps were made of fine supple deertan hyde in turquoise and hand watercolored silk ribbon which was ironed to smooth perfection before transforming it into a piece of wearable art.

Happy Birthday to You Tricia!!!






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