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Into The Blue


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Blue Chalcedony stone cradled by copper electro-forming.

““I had a dream about you. I said green was blue and yellow, and you said green was yellow and blue. You were like that with everything I said, taking the exact opposite stance, yet completely agreeing with me. That’s how I knew you loved me.”
― Jarod Kintz, Dreaming is for lovers

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I hand formed a ring base with an oval blue chalcedony stone dancing in space. Accompanied by a small milky blue Swarovski crystal, reflecting the support of companionship. Then, I allowed magic to happen. (In a mad-scientist, chemicals brewing, evil laugh kind of way). This elegant ring was created using a process called electro-forming. After I cure and seal the ring base it is hooked up to an electric circuit and submerged into a special bath that allows the current to flow, carrying with it molecules of copper that adhere themselves to the ring form. This process can take between 12-24 hours per ring. It is a long wait but well worth it. No two rings are ever alike and no results are completely predictable. (This is both fun and sometimes challenging for parts of my personality… haha.) When I feel the ring is solid and complete I go through many stages of removing excess metal, polishing the inner ring band, cleaning crevices, adding a patina and then sealing it. The interior of the ring is double sealed with clear jewelry lacquer and the outside of the ring is sealed with a museum grade micro-crystalline wax. This holds up quite well but over time, as all coatings do, it may wear and allow the natural glow of the metal to change and darken. I love the evolution of this which is why I do not seal the outer layers with lacquer, unless they are color treated or by special request.


Peaceful Resolution

The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

Author: Margaret Ann Lembo

COLOR(S): Blue
CHAKRA(S): Throat, Third-Eye, Crown
PLANET(S): Venus
ASTRO SIGN(S): Libra, Aquarius

AFFIRMATION: I am calm and at peace within myself. I embrace the oneness of all life, and my peaceful attitude promotes goodwill for all. I am generous with my time, attention, and resources, and in this way, I spread love and joy.


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