Heart of the Earth. Ring.


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Size: 8.25
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Go outside with bare feet, stand on on the earth and close your eyes. Put your attention at your heart and feel a growing warmth there. Breathe deeply and follow that sensation all the way down to your feet. Focusing on the skin on the bottoms of your feet can you make them sink in heavier? Do you feel them? The roots you grow into the earth when you pay attention to your body sensations? They are there. There is something palpable within each of us, we feel it more loudly in silence, especially when alone out in nature. A sense of wholeness, pure rooted connection to earth. This ring is the perfect reminder of that.


I hand formed a ring base with a glittering Swarovski rivoli in the center of it and then allowed magic to happen. This elegant ring was created using a process called electro-forming. After I cure and seal the ring base it is hooked up to an electric circuit and submerged into a special bath that allows the current to flow, carrying with it molecules of copper that adhere themselves to the ring form. This process can take between 12-24 hours per ring. It is a long wait but well worth it. No two rings are ever alike and no results are completely predictable. (This is both fun and sometimes challenging for parts of my personality… haha.) When I feel the ring is solid and complete I go through many stages of removing excess metal, polishing the inner ring band, cleaning crevices, adding a patina and then sealing it. The interior of the ring is double sealed with clear jewelry lacquer and the outside of the ring is sealed with a museum grade micro-crystalline wax. This holds up quite well but over time, as all coatings do, it may wear and allow the natural glow of the metal to change and darken. I love the evolution of this which is why I do not seal the outer layers with lacquer, unless they are color treated. This ring, being color treated has both extra layers of lacquer on the red surface of the heart as well as layers of wax that have been polished.

However you define heart is different than another. However, there is a basic underlying sensation, usually in the chest, where this sensation emanates. The heart appears to be at the root of it. This expansive acceptance that we feel in a state of unrestrained receptivity and non-resistance. Open. Even if tattered and rough around the edges, there is an underlying desire to experience again and again, that sensation of love. We all seek that state of being, we all can create it for ourselves. This ring is a perfect reminder of that.

“I think… if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


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