Turkish Delight Earrings


Earrings made with my signature Tribal Macaroni, Lampwork Glass, Citrine, Steel and Copper

Product Description

“I’m just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?”
~Joe Pesci

Aren’t we all a bit? My handmade tribal macaroni bead was the inspiration for these Turkish Delight earrings. Teal and slightly translucent, the tube-like beads are matte finish with a tribal design on the outside and crackled, worn ceramic style high gloss on the inside. After texturing and curing the clay beads I hand paint them, several layers and hours of drying time occurs. Once the outside is finished, the inside gets a separate treatment until it looks juuuuust right. A little worn, cracked treasure. The tribal macaroni bead is then sealed and cured again. Holes were drilled and copper wires were drawn through and hammered into place in a decorative way. Holding the design sturdy is some blackened steel wire with small bits of citrine and teeny luminescent Swarovski square crystals. A handmade lampwork glass bead in butterscotch and green crests the top of this mini sculpture. On the back side, the glass bead is woven into place with hair fine copper wire and high quality Czech seed beads for an eye popping touch of texture. At the tippy top sits a champagne freshwater pearl and a Czech sea foam bead. Handmade sterling silver ear wires were pounded into shape, aged, burnished back and slightly polished for shine and comfort. All metal is sealed with museum quality micro-crystalline wax before being given a final hand polishing. These earrings are highly time consuming and tedious but they are also a complete labor of love to give birth to and send off into the world to be enjoyed.

Measures 3″ (inches) from top of ear wire to bottom of earring.
They look complex and heavy but they are nice and light due to the materials used.


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