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Each of these three unique earrings was hand crafted out of artisan quality clay. Clay is kneaded and conditioned before being formed into a tribal macaroni shape, given texture, reshaped again and then cured. Once the earring tubes have cooled they are hand painted in several layers and types of colorants before being sealed and then cured one last time. After surface treatments are complete the beads get drilled and ready for setting in a wire framework. Copper wires are individually hand torched into balled ends that weave through the tubes before getting roughly shaped and then wrapped with beads and blackened steel wire. After hammering and hardening to my little hearts desire I give the metal a patina and then push it back, polishing just certain edges to give that look that says, “I’ve been somewhere.” The earwires are hand formed from artisan quality red brass. All metal is sealed with a micro-crystalline museum quality wax. Although this does protect the metal, it is still prone to a darkening patina over time. I believe this enhances rather than detracts from the natural qualities of the metal and the overall look of the piece. The longer you have them, the more history you create together!

The amazon green earrings are crackled finished on the inside of the tubes, painted to match the green agate stone drops at the top which are cushioned by two small mother of pearl beads in mustard.
The rust red earrings are hand painted and crackle finished on the interior to match lamp-worked glass beads in matching shades of olde red.

The last pair of earrings are a smattering of teals, greens and just a smidge of golden avocado on the outside in contrast with mangoes and oranges on the interior of the tubage. Across the top of the earring hangs a slice of natural yellow amber, saddled by two small Swarovski crystal bi-cones in red magma.


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