Patina Hammered Petal Earrings


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Polymer clay drop earrings with 5 small Swarovski crystals and 1 large Swarovski crystal in the center. After removing the clay from the mold the artist hand pressed a design into it’s surface and cured it twice for added durability. It is hand stained and sealed to protect the surface colors from handling.

The artist hand cut,hammered and distressed copper sheet and then sealed it as well. It was then attached by drilling holes into the polymer clay and metal sheet and adding hoops and chains to dangle and sway, giving it movement as you move about your day.

Measurement: 4.25 L x 1.25 W

Earring length is from the top of the ear wire to the very bottom of the chain.
The copper ear wires are tarnish resistant (sealed) and are complimented by a little chunk of kyanite gemstone.

A Little Something Extra from the artist…

A love affair with all things that feel like they have traveled from far lands comes across in my work but especially in this earring set.

Numerology:There are 5 small crystals that I purposely placed in the clay because 5 is the number of humanity. The number five symbolizes meditation; religion; versatility. It represents the five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing) everywhere except in the East. In the East there are six—the extra being Mind.

The sixth (large) Swarovski crystal also represents YOU, standing with the human race as a participant and creative seed within it. Six is representative of Universe. As well as the coming together of polarities, equilibrium, harmony and balance, and beauty. And there you are, in the center of it.

Emily XOXO

Gemstone Kyanite:
Kyanite is a stone of connection. It can be used to bridge energetic gaps that occur within the body and lends well to creating resonance where there is disharmony.


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