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Dirty Guinevere. Earrings.


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“Up in the castle, hustling about, many things to think about. Guinevere always has a full plate and handles it with grace. Dirty, she may be, enthralled with life is she. ”
~Me, Emily

Hand sawed tubes of romantically painted copper cap these renaissance style baroque Swarovski crystals. Tiny leaves sit atop delicately swaying sterling silver rolo chains that drop femininely around the metal. The bead cap tubes were handmade by etching an organic swirling pattern into the copper sheet metal, hand painting it, giving it a patina, roughing and dirtying it up a bit, sealing it and calling it gorgeous. Copper, silver and teeny tiny faceted Swarovski crystals perch on top of these gorgeous earrings that Guinevere would wear. Sterling silver hand forged ear wires are shaped, tumbled, given a patina and then hand burnished to reveal the silver highlights. All metal is sealed with a museum quality micro-crystalline wax.


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