Custom Earrings with a Twist


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One of my customers ordered two pairs of custom clip-on earrings. The request was to have gold tones and silver tones and maybe one pair could have mixed metals. Well, I thought, what about making them reversible? So after much trial and error I designed my own custom clip-ons and gave her a lot of choice in metallics. The front side of both pairs feature lightweight polymer clay that has been molded, painted, given a patina and then sealed. The back sides are more conventionally metallic featuring brass and copper sheet metal that has been hand rolled with imprinting and hand cut and polished. Wire wrapping attaches the earrings to the interchangeable clips and the little crystals and metal discs catch the light and sway freely from the bottoms. I tested them and got rave reviews. Matching suede was added to the clips for ear comfort.

All in all there are 3 shades of metallic clip-ons, 4 different earrings totaling 12 different styles to co-ordinate with the wardrobe. I love choices!


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