Blue Briny Scamp Earrings


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Earrings with Copper sea urchins, Czech blue glass and crystal.

At the bottom, a dainty torched and hammered copper paddle holds these sparkly small blue crystals like a sturdy rope swing that dangles from a willow tree. They are movement within the hollow belly of the sea urchin. Handmade from copper clay, these protective curls are patterned with sea urchin on the outside and intricate tribal secrets on the inside. After mixing my proprietary copper clay recipe (rubs hands together with slightly evil grin) I create beads with texture that feel like they’ve worn naturally over the years. The beads are dried before I put them into my kiln and fire them at high temperatures for several hours. When removed they are cleaned and tumbled to work harden them before I distress and transform them. This pair are dressed and sealed in blue and then burnished back to reveal copper highlights. Above them proudly sits a high quality Czech glass bead in a milky deep opal blue. Ornate copper beads decorate the neckline of this beauty. Hair fine copper wire is woven around a hand forged sterling silver ear wire with a decorative matching Czech seed bead along the way. All metal is sealed with museum quality micro-crystalline wax.

Measures 2″ from the top of the ear wire to the base of the urchin bead. 2.5″ to the bottom of the copper dangle in the center.

I fooled and tooled around one day
particles and sintering
to make a metal clay
with fire and wit
coffee and swish
a bead or two… hurray!
~Me, Emily
. about my journey to create a metal clay from small copper particles that would finally sinter in the heat of my kiln without blackening, melting or falling apart. Finally, one day I found the Goldilocks zone and was able to create this great copper clay that I can make into beads in my kiln.


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