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Up-cycled leather in shades of turmeric lined with warm amber make a soft backdrop for this chic leather cuff. The up-cycled leather used is hand cut and then worn using special tools to smooth and ‘break in’ the edges of the cuff before painting and highlighting. The highlights range from aged sepia to a slight copper sheen. For the first layer on the leather, copper sheet metal is hand cut and then textured, cleaned and smoothed at the edges. After that, I create age and history on the copper by inducing a patina that blooms across the surface before being sealed to protect the design. I hand blended and formed polymer clay in an ancient way around this special Turquoise cabochon.  After the clay is cured it gets hand painted, buffed and sealed with several layers of protective sealant before adhering to the top of the bracelet with torched copper balled head pins. The clasp is hand forged in antiqued copper and secured by two blackened steel rings that are soldered closed for extra security on your wrist. I love this one so much!!

I sourced this gorgeous Turquoise cabochon locally last summer while perusing Altamont bead store in Auburn, CA while my kids were in summer camp. The lapidary work is done by John Zwickl, owner of the bead store.

The way I like to put the bracelet on is to place it at the smallest part of my wrist, secure the hook into the brass chain tightly, and then push the bracelet up to a thicker part of my forearm and press the sides to conform to my shape.


Turquoise is known as the stone that connects heaven and earth, spiritual and physical. The key word associated with this stone would be ‘wholeness’. Turquoise embodies the inner strength of your entire being as it aids in lifting your spirits and directing you back ‘home’, in your center.

This stone assists in attuning all energies within your emotional body back into a harmonious state of being. There is an abundance of knowledge gained from ALL experiences, and all can be used to further your own growth. Each lesson we have encountered is blessed on your journey and Turquoise can assist in assimilating the positive aspects of past challenges as current strengths. After all, each challenge is part of the wholeness you are today. Self-acceptance, compassion and forgiveness are the calling cards of Turquoise.

Strengthens the throat chakra and enhances clarity in communication. Healing for blood and general strengthening of the entire system when feeling depleted. Used historically as protective stone, aiding in detoxification, immune system strengthening, immune system, throat maladies, viruses, eyes, and assimilation of nutrients.

Throat, Third Eye


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