Trilobite in Bloom Cuff


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Up-cycled leather in shades of turmeric is embossed with pale teal swirls and lined with luscious shimmering red. The up-cycled leather used is hand cut and then worn using special tools to smooth and ‘break in’ the edges of the cuff before painting and highlighting. The leather is a soft backdrop for serpent patterned copper sheet metal which is hand cut , textured and given a patina before being sealed to protect the design. Two layers of hand blended, formed and painted polymer clay are carefully painted in stages for depth of character after curing. They are then sealed with several layers of protective sealant before adhering to the top of the bracelet with torched balled head pins. The trilobite was formed from a mold I made of an actual fossil trilobite. The surface has some areas that are painted with an ‘old’ rusted iron paint which gives it a natural and authentic feel. The clasp is hand forged in antiqued copper and secured by two blackened steel rings that are soldered closed for extra security on your wrist.

The way I like to put the bracelet on is to place it at the smallest part of my wrist, secure the hook into the brass chain tightly, and then push the bracelet up to a thicker part of my forearm and press the sides to conform to my shape.


METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: The Trilobite can promote both leadership and management skills, allowing one to rule lovingly and with patience and fortitude. It assists in the development of patience, strength, and perseverance, allowing one to recognize the desired course and to maintain the pathway which will produce the desired goal. It is an example for humanity that one may be in charge of the world, and still, virtually, be required to “sit in the mud”.

HEALING PROPERTIES: The Trilobite can be used in the treatment of disorders of the eyes, and to correct deficiencies in Vitamins A and D, calcium, and iodine. It can also be used to assist in the amelioration of fading eyesight, brittle bones, skin eruptions, and goiter.


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