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Up-cycled leather in shades of turmeric lined with shimmering petal pink make a soft backdrop for this chic leather cuff. The up-cycled leather used is hand cut and then worn using special tools to smooth and ‘break in’ the edges of the cuff before painting and highlighting. For the first layer, copper sheet metal is hand cut and then textured. It is given a patina that blooms across the surface before being sealed to protect the design. Hand blended, formed and painted polymer clay surrounds a heart shaped Rhodochrosite semi-precious gemstone. After curing the heart into the clay, holes are drilled and silver wire is strung through to decoratively secure it to the copper band.  The clasp is hand forged in antiqued copper and secured by two blackened steel rings that are soldered closed for extra security on your wrist. A hand dyed pink ribbon is added for feminine touch. The ribbon can be worn criss-cross, ballerina shoe style and tied with a bow as shown in the photograph.


The way I like to put the bracelet on is to place it at the smallest part of my wrist, secure the hook into the brass chain tightly, and then push the bracelet up to a thicker part of my forearm and press the sides to conform to my shape.

How To Wrap A Bracelet

Rhodochrosite Tid Bits:

This stone magnifies the playful aspects of self expression and creativity.

The focus of Rhodochrosite in the emotional body is one of releasing old wounds. Since this is a stone rooted in the frequencies of Love, it gets right to the core of the being, freeing up cellular memories as well as helping to heal damage created in the early years of life. This stone is wonderful for re-balancing the emotions back to a centered place of alignment with the ‘true self’. Helpful when used to release old patterns in relationships.

Rhodochrosite is known for healing of the myelin sheath that protects the nerves. Also, used as an elixir and taken internally Rhodochrosite has been told to relieve internal infections, such as ear and sinus infections, ulcers, inflammation as well as helping to aid in detoxification of the blood and liver. This will also aid in the treatment of elimination issues; promoting production of the proper balance of gastric fluids to enhance digestions, as well as strengthening the walls of one’s intestines. as well as  Externally an elixir may be used to heal skin disorders.




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