Armour Amor Copper and Leather Cuff Bracelet


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Finally, the first of 4 in this series is here after months on the bench.

Everything is hand made!

Copper sheet metal was hand cut and then embossed, sanded and given a patina in hues of turquoise, deep salmon and shades of burnt wood. Embossed black leather from leather scrap was upcycled to soften the back of the bracelet. After embossing the leather, it was dried, painted by hand and sealed. A polymer clay medallion was  made by rolling out clay and then it was stamped, hand painted, cured and covered with layers of clear resin. To attach the resin piece to the front of the bracelet I torched copper wire to make head pins and threaded them through to the back side where I made an intricate wire wrapped secret for the wearer. Could be my favorite part!

The clasp was handmade from copper wire and then a pale green cut glass bead was added to the closure on one side. Copper chain dangles from one side covered by a hand made bead cap cut and formed from pure copper tubing. Everything was shined, photographed and now delivered to your eyeballs to feast on!

Honestly, this one is hard to give up! I have loved looking at it on my desk but I just have to share it.

SIZE:This bracelet is adjustable. Just form it to your wrist and use the chain clasp to secure it.




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