Copper Vine Cuff


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Hand cut copper sheet was torched and then embossed with this organic vine patterning and then given a patina and sanded and buffed to bring out the highlights. A handmade polymer clay medallion was cut out of clay, stamped, cured and then painted. After it was cured a second time it was then given a layer of resin for shine and depth. Layered on top of that is an aged brass teardrop and a deep blue Swarovski crystal heart. The back of the bracelet is lined with upcycled leather that has been embossed, painted and sealed. Once it was dry the medallions and crystal on the front were then attached using handmade torched head pins that create an intricate design on the inside, like a little secret. The copper wires on the inside are sealed so that they do not leave darkening on your skin as copper often does when it comes in contact with moisture. Over time the coating will wear and eventually the copper will patina and this is just part of the natural process of wearing jewelry day in and day out. It adds to the beauty.

The clasp is handmade and attaches to a chain in an adjustable fashion. Along with the clasp are upcycled Sari ribbons in shades of rust and copper. These ribbons came from the cutting room floors in India and are washed and scrunched for a truly boho chic look. The endcaps on the Sari ribbons are cut from copper tubing and hammered into shape for a truly handmade, one of a kind bracelet cuff.



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