Sari Ribbon, Copper Chain or Leather Cord


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Many of our new necklace designs are made so that the necklace wrap is seperate and interchangeable from the pendant that hangs at the front of the necklace. If you would like to custom purchase one please leave your request for length (standard is 13″ wrap for a 16″ necklace once pendant is attached) and colors.

Sari ribbons are offered in shades.Please specify a shades of the following:
Reds, Rust/Copper, Yellows, Creams, Whites, Tans, Greens, Aquas, Blues, Purples and Black

Copper chain comes as a simple chain with hooks at the end to attach to your centerpiece pendant or as decorative chain with beads at the ends that correspond to colors you request or to match a specific piece of jewelry.

This is for the purchase of 1 necklace wrap. Shipping will be charged only on the first wrap.


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