Ruby Urchin Hair Slide

Ruby Sea Urchin Hair Slide


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The perfect summer accessory!

This one of a kind hair slide is made out of a base of stamped polymer clay that has been cured and hand painted with several shades of turquoise patina and then sealed with a matte suede finish. The nature of polymer clay is flexible yet strong. To give it additional strength and design, holes were drilled in the clay and hammered brass wire was woven through the clay and formed into delicate waves. Copper wrapping covers the sides and lends an Old World tribal feel to the piece. The aged sea urchin is cured onto the slide and then secured a bit extra by threading copper wire through the back side and up and out the top of the sea urchin where it is hammered flat. Swarovski crystals adorn the little urchin hat giving the hair slide sparkle as your head moves and catches the light.

The bamboo slide was hand sanded, painted, distressed and sealed. The end of the hair slide has copper wrapping, Czech glass beads and teeny little beads embedded in the tip.

The hair slide is 2 inches wide and 2.75 inches long from end to end. It is 2″ tall when resting on a table. The space for hair between the bamboo slide and the hair piece is 1″. Perfect for a half bun or a thick amount of hair to be pulled back and secured. Especially sweet if hair is braided on the sides and then pulled back.

The slide deserves to be treated like any other fine piece of special jewelry. Wear it for a day out on the town or out to dinner. Not recommended for the beach or to be worn with wet hair. The product has been sealed but with repeated exposure to moisture it is possible to wear away the finish a bit. Maybe that wouldn’t actually matter as it has a time worn nature to it to begin with.

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Dimensions 2.75 x 1 x 2 in


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