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NOTICE: I will NOT be taking on any New Custom Orders at this time.
Gaia Copia is working on several different small themes that need completing as well as working towards getting published. All of this takes time. I have a young family and need to rest and play once in a while too. Smile. So, custom orders are being limited to allow for the business to expand in new directions and give my kids and myself the attention they/I need and deserve. Thanks for understanding. You can still check in with me if you so desire and see if things have shifted a bit at my workbench.
Emily aka Gaia Copia

For Custom Orders or Inquiries
You may make your request at the bottom of this page.

Creation Time
Timing is dependent upon scale and complexity as well as my schedule. I am always creating new pieces and have to work custom orders into my schedule. I can only take limited custom orders on a first come first serve basis.

For custom orders allow 1-4 weeks for your creation.
Earrings average 1-2 weeks or sooner, bracelets 1-3 weeks and necklaces 1-4 weeks.

The Process
First, contact me with your request, ideas or questions. I love to get inspired by you. You may have a small piece of driftwood or a bottle cap from a special day, a stone from a camping trip or an idea you need turned into a wearable piece of art with a little funk on the side. All things functional should be beautiful.

Information I will need to know is your preferred length of necklace, bracelet and earrings. What colors are you interested in? What would you consider your clothing style? What style is your home decor? (that one is actually very helpful in determining your style) Hair, eye and skin color of the wearer. Bulky or light? Any examples of clothing websites that represent your style are helpful. Please keep in mind the style of the jewelry presented within this website. There are no solid gold rings or typical pieces that you could walk into a mall and find nor will there ever be. All items created here have a time-worn feel to them and often incorporate imperfections in a beautiful way.

I have done custom orders for teachers, sentimental oddities, hat pins, loved ones, men and children, clip-on wearers…you name it, it can be done.

Thank you,
Emily at Gaia Copia

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