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Apr 26, 2014



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I don’t often get requests for clip-on earrings. However, when I do.. I find that a little alteration is necessary. I try on the clips myself to see how they feel and I just don’t like them. They pinch and are painful. I think, gosh, how awful that my customers would have to wear my pretty earrings and feel discomfort like this. So, I got out my leather punch and scissors and made some custom clip-ons with suede lining the inside. I wore them for a while on a test pair and boy, oh boy.. they are more comfortable than regular earrings to me. I don’t wear earrings all that often but I have to say that the clip-ons with suede are something I could wear for hours and hours and still feel really good.

In this photo I show the before and after in progress on a pair of Lily earrings.

1 comment

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