romance-with-rhodonite-1-of-5 romance-with-rhodonite-4-of-5

A hand picked Rhodonite stone is cradled in a hand netted wire basket and framed with heavy gauge copper wire and Swarovski crystals. The sides of the necklace are decorated with smooth lava rock, crystals, glass beads and copper bead caps and chain.

summer-garden-1-of-4 summer-garden-2-of-4

Summer Garden necklace and earrings in subtle shades of greens and blues with accents in amber. Olive jade cubes in the necklace and sky blue coral in the earrings reflect the colors found in the floral cloisonné rectangle  centerpiece. Part of my personal collection.

talisman-2-of-2 talisman-2-of-2

A carved wooden tropical talisman commands the attention at the center of this necklace. Adorned with shades of  coral, gold and lavender in smooth glass, mother of pearl and wooden beads. Part of my personal collection.

taupe-shell-flower-with-crystal-2-of-2 taupe-shell-flower-with-crystal-2-of-2

A delicate shell dangles from the center of this necklace. Adorning the sides are crystals, shell, freshwater pearl and champagne colored glass chips and copper tubes with beads dangling from them.

tobacco-and-shine-3-of-3 tobacco-and-shine-1-of-3

The abalone shell that dangles from the center is brilliantly colorful and picks up the silver-gray tones in the mother of pearl rectangles that dangle along the necklace strand.  Handmade beads of rolled paper in shades of old newspaper and stained tobacco paper alternate along the necklace length. Paper beads are actually from paper I purchased at a fine art store, not used for tobacco. I hand rolled them myself.

vested-in-copper-1-of-3 vested-in-copper-3-of-3

Technically not a “wire wrapped” piece but with the use of wire and metal I thought it would be an interesting addition to the wire wrapped gallery. I love this bead I hand-picked from a great little place called The Bead Shoppe in Roseville,CA. A large Rhodonite pendant vested in two stamped copper filigree wraps. Sunstone chips and crystal adorn the necklace as it moves up the neckline in shades of mauve and copper. Part of my personal collection.