sea-barrel-1-of-2 sea-barrel-1-of-2

I used to live in Connecticut when my first-born was little. I remember my husband and I taking him down to a waterfront town, Norwalk, to visit a nautical museum. We spent some time window shopping the cute little village style streets in the misty overcast of that day. The unexpected treat was a bead shop on the corner. As I was walking out the door of the shop I noticed a barrel full of beads. A buck per scoop. Of course, I was picky and picked out my scoop. When I reached in I pulled out this lovely faux patina piece and got inspired right away.

The result…a double strand necklace with greens and browns all leading down to my sea barrel piece. Some of the beads are hand rolled paper (I literally had blisters rolling them) in a pale sea green. There are also wood, glass, seed, turquoise and pearl beads. Part of my personal collection.

sea-urchin-1-of-3 sea-urchin-1-of-3

I love how organically natural this one feels. Made with polymer clay and a molding process (no, not like cheese). I finished the piece with stains to deepen the look of the crevices and added sparkle through beads pressed into the clay. The bail is poly clay as well. The beads going up the sides of the necklace are mother of pearl, crystal and glass. This one makes a statement for sure. Think, Sea Gypsy.

secret-in-china-2-of-3 secret-in-china-2-of-3

I love, love, love this one. What a great combination of bone, coral and metal drops. The secret is the circular locket that stays closed via a magnet and opens to reveal a secret on either side of the inside of the door. I have yet to put one in there and my kids keep nagging me to put them in there. Ok already, as soon as I dig up those photos from the digital archives! Part of my personal collection.

the-tribe-has-spoken-1-of-2 the-tribe-has-spoken-2-of-2

I bought the focal beads more than a decade ago and drummed up this little ditty. It just bams up a plain outfit and gives some ethnic juice to the flow of the day.  Bone, Horn and Wood beads are prominent on this jungle inspired necklace. With its earthy feel and colors you fit right into the nearest tribe.  Part of my personal collection.

treasure-2-of-3 treasure-1-of-3

The large round Asian coin seems a bit like an old treasure to me. I used some metal drops (given to me from my sister long ago) to unify the piece and chunky acrylic green beads to keep the weight light. Normally I don’t use any kind of plastic in my jewelry but  heck, who cares about the acrylic since I made it for myself? Part of my personal collection.

turquoise-chunky-bracelet-1-of-2 turquoise-chunky-bracelet-2-of-2

This little number was just something I whipped up to go with an outfit one morning. Chunky and bright, it catches the eye. Turquoise is so versatile and easy to wear with almost any color. I just fashioned a hand-made copper clasp, hammered it up a bit for a rustic feel and out the door I went. Part of my personal collection.