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Art Jewelry Boot Camp attempt at Balled Headpins

I must begin with a confession…I found Art Jewelry for the first time last week. I looked around and was like YES!!! I’m totally going to get inspired by a Boot Camp! I guess I didn’t search back far enough into the posts…I kinda missed the part about “balled” head pins. I was looking at the post about inspirational headpins more recently and I saw some in polymer clay and thought “Heck ya! That’s for me!” so I spent all day Sunday making headpins. Then…

Um. Er.

I saw the post on Monday talking about “balled” headpins.


So I spent all of Monday balling headpins to wrap around my headpins. It was the best mistake I ever made!
So, here are my headpins using balled headpins. This was so fun!

I started by making some faux turquoise polymer headpins. I was inspired by some of the glass headpins when I searched around Etsy so after curing I added a layer of resin. I learned a lot about resin. I learned that the Pavelka brand at Michael’s yellows easily and is too thick and goopy for anything round. I have used that brand before on flat items and liked how it settled evenly though. I did end up switching to some that I had on hand from Epoxies Etc. It was easier to brush on in thin layers and it didn’t yellow. It actually seemed harder when cured but that may have been because it was thinner.

Headpins Round 2-28


After those little do-hickeys were done I wanted to do something gardeney (totally not a word, I know) so I grabbed my green blends and started making little curls. I left some matte and gave some resin finish.


Headpins Round 2-3


I moved onto a Renaissance feeling and wanted to try my hand at forming little caps with clay. Stamping them was interesting. They remind me of little mushrooms. I left these matte.


Headpins Round 2-34


Then, I moved onto beachy stuff. Yup, I was on a fancy beach in my mind.


Headpins Round 2-33


I used some enamel that I had to cover over the ends of the copper head pins on some of these hearts. I learned that I did not clean the copper well before enameling and the enamel chipped of easily.


Headpins Round 2-38


Then, I wanted to use a metal eyelet normally used for cold connections as my center tube and this little flower grew right out of that experiment.


Headpins Round 2-12


THEN….some more stuff happened at my bench.


Headpins Round 2-25


You can see them in the gallery below. I won’t post ALL the photos up here.

I do want to thank Staci Louise for putting on this fabulously stimulating challenge and give you all a link to the main page.



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