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Geisha Girl NecklaceI started making jewelry 16 years ago and over the years it has grown from a hobby into a business. There’s nothing I love more than to get some uninterrupted time in the studio working out a new idea. Making jewelry with my hands was always something that felt so natural and organic to me.  I love to work with metal, glass, gemstones, fabric and found objects; pretty much anything that inspires me. I’ve always felt like there is a bit of gypsy in me and often that comes across in my work with lots of hanging beads, hand netted wire on gemstones, swinging coins and metal tear drops and leaves. I love to bring a little bit of nature and a lot of imagination into my work by frequently mixing textures such as hand dyed silk ribbon and copper chain or sticks, wood bead and bone with sparkly crystal and aged metal. A lot of thought goes into the feel of each piece from textures to color and size. Each handcrafted piece is carefully thought over and reworked until the message it carries comes through.

I take great care in making each piece unique and individual just as each of us are. The vision behind Gaia Copia is simple. Each piece of jewelry has a voice of it’s own, it’s own truth. I intend that every time you put on a Gaia Copia work of art you find the truth within you. As the centered and creative spirit of who YOU are rises within you, you will carry that out into the world. Each time we are willing to find our truth we add to the collective sense of balance and this allows us to all be just a bit more heart centered. This expansion has a spreading effect and connects humanity throughout the world.


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