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2013 Bead Soup Blog Hop!

Hellooooo Thar! So glad you could stop in! Let’s get right to it!

My Bead Soup Buddy is Staci Louise from Staci Louise Originals. Not only is she an awesome jewelry artist she is a very sweet person and I liked her as soon as I “met” her.
Here is the awesome bead soup she sent me!

Staci Louise Originals-5

I didn’t get to use all of the beads but I tried to. Here is the first necklace with the focal and one of the two awesome clasps.

Bead Soup-3

I hammered copper sheet into a puffed sunrise shape and then added a bit of color to the metal to give Staci’s eye a backdrop. Also in this necklace are the chunky copper beads, purple pearls, pale aqua beads, chain and clasp that Staci sent.
I drilled a real little ammonite as an ode to Staci (she uses them in her work a lot) and placed it in the center of the side of the necklace. The sides pieces are made of polymer clay with MANY layers of paints and Swarovski crystals and then layered on heat patina and textured copper sheet.

Bead Soup-2 Bead Soup-1 Bead Soup-10

The second necklace features her sweet little agate drop, some awesome sea glass that Staci hand drilled and her gorgeous clasp.
I nestled the agate in translucent stamped polymer with a dusky purple center and attatched that to a larger copper flower with a heat patina.

Bead Soup-9 Bead Soup-8

The final necklace uses a very cool copper chunky bead and the best long peachy pearl I’ve ever seen. It begged to be on center stage. I added the sea spikes she sent for the sides.

Bead Soup-6 Bead Soup-7

Finally, I wanted to challenge myself to use some of the black and white beads which I loved but found hard to figure out HOW to use them. I was determined. I finally realized I could not figure out how to put them in a necklace but they were perfect for earrings. So, here’s the first. Fluted lilies with surface embellishment and genuine emerald and turquoise with the black and white faceted balls.

Bead Soup-17

And the second…purple flowers with zombie shells. I loved these so much that I tracked down some of these Pyrene shells and ordered them. I will be making more earrings for sale in the shop using these!

Bead Soup-18

I had so much fun and learned so much about my limits and how to push them a bit.
A HUGE thanks to Lori Anderson at Pretty Things/Bead Soup for organizing this whole she-bang. It’s fantastic! You can click on her link to get back to the reveal list.

Have a hoppy day!


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